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16 Oct

A man can eat his dinner without understanding exactly how food nourishes him. A man can accept what Christ has done without knowing how it works: indeed, he certainly would not know how it works until he has accepted it.
C.S. Lewis


Come as you are.  However, I believe the reason we have had a great falling away from the Word of God is no one seeks Truth once they have accepted it.

The biggest thing that strengthens our faith from any doubt is the Truth.  Jesus said He is Truth.  Jesus is also known as the Word of God.  You can accept Jesus with only hearing a little bit in the beginning, that’s the way it usually always works.  However, when there is an assault on the Word of God, someone who doesn’t know it at all has no way to identify heresy.  The Bible constantly warns us about many things.  It’s constantly warning us to do certain things.  If we don’t know it at all we’re not going to be obeying those things.

Once again we are to come as we are.  However, when we accept His sacrifice, we are supposed to start the process of dying to ourselves and our own sinful nature and begin living for Him.

No one is perfect and one will falter usually on a daily basis, but continue to walk forward not backward.

The grace of Jesus was not meant to be a get out of jail free card.  It was meant for us to accept and begin the journey to serve him and no longer our own self or wants.  What the Lord wants more than anything is a
relationship with His own and for us to reach others so He may have relationship with them.  If not more will perish and He doesn’t wish for any to do that.

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