Please Share This Ministry

Please, I need your help.  The most important way this ministry is going to get to others is by you passing it onto them. 

If you pass this onto someone else and they accept the Lord, grow stronger in their faith, or passes it onto another person who does, you will have helped reach someone for the Kingdom of God.  You will stand in front of God and have another reason to be rewarded by Him.  Please take the time to do so now. 

My goal when I started was to have a box in the upper right part of the page stating what I have put in here.  The goal was to make it easy for someone to push a button and send a link.  Computer savvy people will have no problem sending this link or using the share button on the posts, but I know there are others who are still learning computers, and still like the idea of “the simpler the better.”  I don’t blame them.

 One easy way to be able to forward this web page is to go up where it says “Page” on the tool bar.

It is between your printer icon and “Safety” just above and to the right of this blog page in the gray tool bar.  Go to “Page.”  When you click on it, the menu will come down.  In the middle of the menu you will see “Send link by email.”  However, do this from the front screen when you first get on the site or the link will just be to this page you’re reading now.

If all else fails just email them and tell them

As I stated before, you’re the biggest way this ministry is shared.   Unlike emails that get passed onto you that promise blessings within a certain amount of time, or bad luck if you don’t pass it on, I have none of that.

I just want to say that no matter what you do for the Lord, He won’t forget it.  If you enjoy this ministry at all, I hope it’s something you’ll help me share.



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